1. Various definitions of Economics : Nature of Economic Problem, Relation between science, Engineering. Technology & Economics Lecture : 3
2. Meaning of demand, Law of Demand, Elasticity of demand, Practical importance & application of the concept of elasticity of Demand Lecture : 5
3. Meaning of Production and factor of Production : Land, labor, Capital ,Entrepreneur & Organization –their Characteristics law of variable Proportion .Return to Scale Lecture : 5
4. Cost Analysis : Various concept of cost, Cost function, Short & Long run cost. Concept of Revenue ,Break- Even Analysis Lecture : 5
5. Meaning of Market : Type of market – Perfect completion, Monopoly ,Oligopoly ,Monopolistic competition ,Main feature of these market ), Meaning of Supply and Law of Supply, R ole of Demand & Supply in price in prime determination imperfect t competition Lecture : 7
6. Engineering Economy : (a) Simple and compound interest, Annuities, (b)Basic methods For making economy Studies – (i) Present worth method, (ii) Future worth method (iii)I.R.R method (c) Comparison of alternative – (i) Present worth method, (ii\) Future Worth method (iii) I.R.R method. Lecture : 7
7. Accounting: Meaning Scope and Role of accounting , Accounting concept & Convention. Accounting as information System. Recording of transaction in journal and Ledgers. Trial –Balance, Preparation of final Account. Lecture : 9
Recommended Books:
1. Modern Micro Economics by Theory – H.L.Ahuja-S.Chand
2. Advance Economic Theory by M .L.Jhingan- Konark Publication
3. Engineering Economics by Degarmo , Sullican & Canada –McMillan
4. Double Entry Book Keeping by T.S.Grewal –S .Chand 
Reference Books:

1. Stonier & Hague by A test book of Economic Theory-Pearson
2. Industrial Organisation and Engg. Economics by Banga & Sharma


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