EXPERIMENT 2: Program to Understand  constructor and destructor in C++

Constructor:A constructor is kind of member function that initializes an instance                   of its class .A constructor has the same name as the class and no return values.

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Destructor:”Destructor is inverse of constructor function.they are called when object are destroyed.Designate a function as a class detructor by precending the class name with a tilde(~)”

Exp:Write a program in c++ to Program for find lowest using constructor and destructor.

using namespace std;

class A
{ int el[5];    int i=0;
A()  // define constructor
{ cout<<”\nConstructor is called”;
cout<<“Enter five element:-“;
cin>>el[i];    } //    end of constructor
find_low()    {        int lowest=0;
{        if(lowest>el[i])
lowest=el[i];        }
cout<<“lowest no is:-“<<lowest;
~A()    //defining destructor
{  cout<<”\nDestructor is called”
}     //end of destructor
};//end of class

int main()

{          A obj1;
return 0;


OUTPUT: Constructor is called
Enter five element 5 7 8 1 9
lowest no is 1
Destructor is called

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